Fabric Info

Fabric used in Sports Jerseys and Uniforms

Polyester Cotton MixPMC (Polyester Mixed with Cotton):

It is light weight breathable fabric. It is widely used in several sports including soccer, cricket, baseball, volleyball, field hockey due to its shiny finish in sublimated jerseys and is also very comfortable in warm weather. GSM for PMC is 160-170.



Dot Knit Fabric 100% PolyesterDot Knit Fabric (100% Polyester):

It is light weight, breathable with properties to wick moisture off of your body. GSM for Dot Knit is similar to PMC : 160 -170. It is used in various sports including football, basketball because of its vibrant colors specially for sublimation jerseys.



Rice knit Fabric. Honey comb fabricRice Knit Fabric (100% Polyester):

It is very breathable and light weight with gsm of 160 – 170. The mesh in the fabric has rice like structure and hence the name. It is less shinier compared to PMC and Dot Knit and has matte like finish. It is popularly used in sublimation jerseys for football and hockey due to its comfort in warm climate.


air knit fabric. Airmesh Fabric

Air knit Fabric (100% Polyester):

Air knit or Air mesh is light weight and is very breathable. It mainly used in Cricket and Hockey jerseys due to dynamic color in sublimation jerseys. It has matte like finish with closed holes smaller than the size of rice knit. GSM for Air Knit is 160 -170.



Diagonal Fabric for pants Diagonal Fabric (100 % Polyester):

It is heavy weight with gsm 230 – 240 and is not breathable. Diagonal widely used in pants of various sport including baseball, cricket and football due to its heavy-duty characteristics and shiny texture. It has vibrant colors and is considered good for sublimation uniforms.



Poly Mesh Fabric (100% Polyester):  It is light weight and very Polymesh Fabricbreathable. It is mainly used for designing purpose eg. for side net design in the jerseys. It is very comfortable for hot weather.